Production Advantage


Highly focused, the industry is well known

The company specializes in processing sample, small batch commitment, material confirmation and delivery on 3-5 working days.


Technical stability, senior technical consultant

Technical backbone has more than 5 years of work experience, and 85% or 3 years of work experience for first-line operators.


Strict inspection, quality inadvertent

In the daily operation, we have strictly implemented the concept of 5S and 6S. After shipment, we have passed 9 procedures to check the shipment. We promise that SMT and PCBA boards will pass optical inspection.


Quality Assurance

  • Delivery cycle 100%

    Quality control, quality control, and management processes are implemented at all levels to ensure that every part is accurate and complete delivery according to customer requirements.

  • 99% of qualified rate

    Standardized production process, strict monitoring of the whole production process, random sampling of products for inspection, to ensure product quality, safety and stability.

  • Satisfaction 100%

    The raw materials of the products are all imported from the company. As always, the company adheres to the principle of quality oriented and pioneering and innovative. Every step in the production is satisfactory to customers.

  • The rate of complaint is less than 1%

    100% to meet customer expectations, to provide customers with a comprehensive follow-up service, put yourself in the position of customers, solve all problems in the following stages.

Production Advantage

ZHUHAI HERMESIN ENTERPRISES CO.,LTD is a professional manufacturer of household daily necessities with R & D, production, sales and service. It uses the best natural raw materials from foreign countries to develop and produce, give your brand the most favorable guarantee, strictly implement the ISO9001 management identification system, ensure high quality dehumidification and moisture-proof agent, Cleaners, air aromatics and deodorants are the four main categories of daily life products.